How to Get Started in Marketing

How to Get Started in the Field of Marketing

While attending UC Berkeley, I was employed part-time by a popular energy drink company to promote brand recognition on campus.  Working in the marketing field part-time allowed me to channel my creativity in a competitive work environment, while simultaneously furthering my education.  If you are an ideas person looking for a fun job with flexible hours, the field of marketing may be for you!

How to Get Your Foot in the Door to Marketing

Marketing is a competitive field to enter, but it is entirely possible to do if you are willing to put in the time and energy.  Spend time researching online to determine what aspects of marketing interest you, then learn about companies that align with your interests.  Passion for your product is an important part of successful marketing; job interviewers will want to make certain that you actually care about what you are promoting.  by researching in advance, you will be able to express that passion in your interview.

I simply replied to an online advertisement for a job opening at an energy drink company.  I was familiar with the product, but was ignorant as to the company's marketing strategy.  Prior to my interview I spent a significant amount of time researching the company, preparing to explain to my interviewer how my lifestyle aligned with the brand.  I also came to the interview prepared with creative examples of how I would promote the brand if hired.

Types of Marketing Programs

Because I was enrolled in an undergraduate program and was a campus liaison, I did not have the same qualifications as many of my colleagues had.  However, to advance in the field of marketing, it is critical to continue one's education in the field.  While physically attending school on campus may not be feasible for many people, there are alternatives such as online education.  A degree from an online marketing program would provide a competitive edge over other applicants who may not have a specified marketing degree.

The Effects of the Recession on the Marketing Industry

While large marketing firms are unable to retain as many employees due to budget constraints, there are still many opportunities for a marketing career.  For instance, now more than ever smaller companies need increased brand recognition to maintain sales during these harsh economic times.  Smaller companies are beginning to hire in-house marketing consultants to develop a strategy for selling their product during the recession.  Taking a few online classes in economics to supplement your marketing degree would help make you an ideal candidate for one of these positions.

The Pros & Cons of a Marketing Career

There are many pros to a marketing career.  Firstly, many marketing jobs allow for flexible hours.  While employed as a campus liaison at the energy drink company, I spent many late nights brainstorming ideas.  The majority of the promotional events were held during the evenings and on the weekends, which allowed me to attend school full time.  Secondly, marketing is a great field for channeling creativity.  No idea is unrealistic in the field of marketing - if you can visualize it, you can do it!  Lastly, it is a fun job!  While employed at the energy drink company, I worked with some of the most fun, creative people I have ever known.  Part of my job was to organize and attend parties-it was easy to forget I was even working!

The only con that initially comes to mind is that in the field of marketing you are always working.  Anytime you see potential for advertising your product, you must seize the opportunity.  However, if you are truly passionate about your product and the brand you are promoting, this can be viewed as a perk of the job!

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