Jewelry Design & Repair Careers

A career in jewelry design and repair often starts as a hobby. Tinkering with beads and wire whets the desire for more advanced metalsmithing and glass work. Every year, a few more hobbyists hone their skills in jewelry design and repair courses to help them turn their personal passions into professional careers.

Jewelry Design & Repair Careers

While jewelry sales may decline during a slumping economy, experts suggest that a career in jewelry design and repair is nearly recession-proof. In fact, Americans are generally more likely to repair heirloom jewelry during financial hard times. Meanwhile, independent designers with good marketing skills can frequently build client rosters during market downturns by competing against established designers on price.


  • Typical salary: $27,400
  • Percentage of self-employed jewelry design and repair professionals: 40%
  • Percentage working in retail shops: 30%
  • Typical topics covered in jewelry design and repair training programs:

                    -Working with hand tools
                    -Selecting gemstones

      Government analysts predict that the number of jobs available to graduates of jewelry design and repair training programs will decline over the next 10 years; however, the number of open jobs in the jewelry repair field is expected to grow significantly, mainly to replace the large number of Baby Boomer experts nearing retirement age.

      Getting a Job in Jewelry Repair

      Statisticians find it difficult to measure the real salary of jewelry repair and design professionals. While some retail shops and repair services offer standard salaries, many self-employed jewelry design and repair professionals earn widely varying incomes. Instead of earning an hourly rate, many of these professionals get paid a fee for each completed job or for each product sold. This flexible career allows hobbyists to earn a second income, while rewarding dedicated workers with larger commissions and service fees. Artists and experts in restoration can often command their own prices.  Look into taking online jewelry design and repair courses to open the door to a creative career.