Taste the Food Service Industry: Online Courses Can Serve Up a Successful Culinary Career

Did you know that the food service industry takes in more than $566 billion yearly and employs 13 million people? If you thought jobs in food service were limited to cooking and serving, think again. Culinary school or online courses from cooking schools could help you find the career you want in this billion-dollar industry!

Move over Baseball--Dining Out is the New American Pastime

Already the nation's largest employment sector outside of government, the food service industry expects to add 2 million jobs by 2017. Training from a culinary school or cooking school could help you land one of them.

Not Just Chefs and Servers--Hundreds of Careers in Food Service

It's not just about cooking and serving--there are actually hundreds of professions in this expanding industry. Online courses at a culinary school or cooking school can help you make the right career move--whether it's into the kitchen as a cook or out of the kitchen to management, event planning, or self-employment.

Here are some potential careers a degree from cooking school could lead to:

  • Baker
  • Banquet manager
  • Bartender
  • Beverage manager
  • Catering manager
  • Dining room manager
  • Executive chef
  • Fry/saute cook
  • General manager
  • Pastry chef
  • Sous chef
  • Wine steward

Getting the Training You Need--Online and Campus-Based Courses from Culinary schools

If you're interested in a culinary career, there are more than 1,000 post-secondary programs at culinary schools, many of which offer online courses.

So what are you waiting for? Online courses at culinary school could be what you need to launch your career from the hors d'oeuvre to the main course!  With the flexibility of logging on at your own convenience, online culinary courses no could be just what you're looking for.