The Advantages of Online Education in a Recession

According to a recent poll by the Career College Association, 2 out of 3 Americans are either taking steps to change their employment situation due to the current economic crisis, or are considering it. Thirty-eight percent of those polled said that higher education was a goal or interest, and about a third were interested in pursuing a passion or long-term career interest.

Tough economic times seem to lead many to consider continuing education, either to advance job skills or transition to a new career. But the real question is, how many of those with good intentions will act on them?

Online Education and the Recession

Online education can afford many practical advantages to those looking to further their education. Online degree programs make going back to school easy.  Enrolling in these online college courses can be more affordable than traditional colleges and universities, more flexible, and often involves little or no in-class requirements. The advantages of online education for a working professional or a busy parent may make the difference between getting ahead of the crowd or staying in the pack of the well-intentioned.

A recession can undoubtedly be bad news, but many are looking for the silver lining. According to the Career College Association poll, the number of people looking for new careers doesn't vary too drastically by income level or employment rate. The numbers are also very similar among those who have children versus those who have none.

Turn Your Passion into a Profession

Going back to school to pursue a dream is a goal that many Americans share, but you can stand out by acting. With industries such as health care and education on the rise, it's no time to sit around wishing for a better future. Make it happen by exploring your opportunities via online education and degree programs.