Alert the Media: Online Master's Degrees that Fast-Forward Your Career

This just in: The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales manager positions will grow faster than the average through 2014. So it might be time to consider the real value of online master's degrees in communication arts.

In a field that's growing this rapidly, why should you consider one of these online master's degrees? Because competition in this business, especially among managers, is fierce. The best way for you to get ahead in advertising and public relations is with an online education.

The Inside Story

If you're already an advertising, marketing, promotions, or public relations specialist, you're already charged with communicating your marketing message in an increasingly global and technological environment. But as a manager or supervisor in this field, you'll be responsible not only for developing a strategy for communicating this message, but also for managing the staff that will execute the campaign. Marketing managers are rewarded handsomely for their important role; the median annual salary of advertising and promotion managers in May 2008 was $94,720.

An Online Education in Communication Arts

If you're looking to move up the ranks, online programs can give you an edge. Online master's programs in communication arts cover such topics as research methods, media production, communications technology and culture, and writing for the media. Your online education can also show you what the Internet offers for the future of advertising and public relations.

With an online education, you can continue working in the industry and study at times that are convenient for you. Meanwhile, you can put what you learn in such online programs to use immediately. You can often complete online master's degrees in less time than it takes with traditional programs. Plus, your ability to communicate in a virtual classroom setting with online programs can help you understand how to use this technology effectively in the real world. With an online master's degree in communication arts, you can look forward to a rewarding career in advertising or public relations.