Fast Track: The Quickest Route to an Online MBA

Are you a highly motivated worker who takes charge and knows how to get things done? If so, you may be able to obtain a fast-track online MBA degree in a fraction of the time that most people take to earn their degree. Through an online MBA program, you can take advantage of fast-track opportunities that might land you an MBA degree in just 24 months.

Who Is Right for the Fast Track MBA?

Fast-track online MBA programs are not right for everybody. Most of the students who succeed in these programs are individuals hoping to advance their careers while maintaining their current job and continuing to earn a full-time salary. But fast-track programs require a great deal of dedication and desire to succeed. Within 24 months you typically learn what other part-time MBA programs attempt to teach in twice that amount of time.

The Curriculum

Fast-track MBA programs offer a similar curriculum to most traditional MBA degree programs. For example, students working toward an executive MBA degree begin by studying strategic management and business model designs, focusing on managing assets and functional strengths within the global economy. Other classes may include macroeconomics, microeconomics, leadership and organizational methods, and financial accounting. Once you have these basics down, the second part of the program will likely shift toward the management of strategic change and growth, focusing on the design and successful execution of business expansion strategies.

The Learning Environment

Most students who choose fast-track MBA programs study for their degrees online for reasons of convenience and accessibility. Some programs combine in-person and Web-based learning techniques. Within a team of like-minded mid-to-senior level managers, you may engage in both individual and team-based learning. Fast-track online MBA programs facilitate discussion between team members even when students are not in the classroom, through online discussion forums. One of the greatest advantages to online fast-track programs is the constant communication that occurs between students and teachers, resulting in accelerated, effective learning.