Top Five Marketing Careers

From market research to media planning, marketing is a lucrative choice for an online learning program. Obtaining an online degree in marketing can open the door to a range of career options.

With an online bachelor's degree, you can attain a hot entry-level position in the field of marketing. Check out the top choices for marketing graduates:

1.  Assistant media buyer: A bachelor's degree in marketing is preferred for this career; you would be working with a media buyer to track and negotiate the purchase of advertising space across a range of media.

2.  Sales worker supervisors: If you have experience in sales and are ready for advancement, an online learning course in marketing could aid your effort. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports median earnings of $39.910 for sales worker supervisors in 2008, with marketing degrees recommended.

3. Graphic designers: For those with an artistic side, an online degree in marketing is a great addition to any graphic designer's arsenal. Graphic designers who create material for marketing campaigns can benefit from the training a bachelor's degree in the field provides. The BLS reports that graphic designers earned median salaries of $46,750 in 2008.

4.  Wholesale trade marketers: Instead of interfacing with the general public, marketing workers in wholesale trade sell to retail suppliers. The BLS reports that wholesale employers often seek sales workers to develop prospective clients, which involves demonstrating new products and supplying improved customer service.

5.  Broadcasting account executives: In the world of broadcast media, marketing degree holders hold the key to a higher income. Account executives use their creativity to find new venues and opportunities for earnings.