Career Trends: Women in Architecture


According to the American Institute of Architects, women account for 20% of registered architects; however, the number of female architecture students has steadily increased during the past decade. As challenging positions, architecture jobs demand precision and hard work from any aspiring architect--male or female.

The Nation's Capital Celebrates Women in Architecture

As a sign of changing times, in 2007, the National Building Museum hosted an exhibition celebrating women in architecture. Focusing on histories, her-stories, and 100 years of contributions from women, this exhibition inspired many prospective architects, regardless of gender.

Nevertheless, inspiration is not enough for this challenging field. Architecture jobs require extensive architecture training, certification, and relentless dedication. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 1 in 5 architects is self-employed, more than two times the proportion of other occupations.  This statistic reaffirms the fact that successful architects tend to be extremely self-motivated and driven.

More than Inspiration: Master Certification for Architecture Jobs

Although a bachelor's degree can be sufficient for many architecture jobs, it's strongly recommended that you complete a master's degree or higher in the field. A master's degree or higher in architecture can increase your employ-ability as well as serve as a stepping stone to possible advancement.  A master's degree in architecture can also move you along the path to starting your own architecture firm.

To really add strength to your resume, sufficient coursework in computer aided design (CAD) software and related programs can be beneficial. Having extra certification under your belt certainly doesn't hurt and can increase your attractiveness to potential employers. The relationship between computer science and architecture grows closer with new advancements in technology. The more competent you are in these areas, the further you can expect to go, regardless of your gender.