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A survey of 21,000 prospective college freshmen conducted in January 2011 and released Tuesday shows the recession is weighing more heavily on the minds of the potential class of 2015 than it did on their predecessors.

Interactive map shows nationwide broadband access in schools, colleges, universities, libraries and community centers.

Joe Biden today announced that the Obama Administration is releasing a calculation of each state’s share of the President’s 2020 goal, as well as a free college completion toolkit packed with suggested policies intended to help governors boost their states' college graduation rates.

A new position paper suggests that the U.S. needs to raise the status of the teaching profession, following the model of countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Finland.

A career in massage therapy offers the opportunity to help others attain health and well-being, maintain a flexible schedule, and earn a good wage. Learn more about the job outlook and salary potential for massage therapists in the United States.

The new rugged laptop from Intel and Lenovo is designed for use by students in grades K-8.

Several initiatives were launched at the conference, including the Web site stopbullying.gov and two new Facebook tools.

Becoming a chef involves more than just great cooking. Find out what kind of traditional schooling or chef training online you'll need, and what industries, cities, and states hire the most chefs and pay the biggest salaries.

Computer engineers enjoy both solid job prospects and a lucrative salary. Get more information on the top computer engineering salaries and how to earn them.

Learn more about working as a graphic designer, including popular careers, the cities where you can earn the highest salaries, and how online education can help you boost your earning potential in a field you love.

Several schools across the U.S. are evaluating new ways to get tardy students to show up on time.

You don't need to spend years at school to work in the health care field. Complete your phlebotomist training online and in no time, you'll be ready to enter a growing industry where the job prospects are plentiful.

The Minnesota Department of Education says the BlueSky Online School has made 'major and repeated violations of state law.'

The bill now goes to the House, which is expected to pass it.

Approximately 8,500 faculty and staff will start using Live@edu this fall, and high school students will follow during the 2011-12 school year.

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