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Experimental psychologists often focus on research, and these careers have a fascinating range of topics to explore. Find out about career outlook and salary potential for this branch of psychology.

Networking and computer systems administrators are an essential part of any organization's IT team. Learn more about the field, including important career, education and salary trends.

Juvenile corrections officers play an important role in maintaining safety and security in juvenile corrections facilities. Job prospects are expected to be strong in this field from 2008 to 2018.

Learn more about becoming a compliance officer, including notable career, education and earnings trends.

Clinical psychology employs the greatest number of psychologists of all the discipline's specialties. Find out what you need to do to become one.

Web designers enjoy a creative job. Compensation varies significantly, so find out how to design your career so that you might maximize your earning potential.

If you want to be a child development professor, be prepared to be an expert in child psychology and know how to run a classroom.

If you have the desire to work closely with parents to help them improve their families, counseling may be a rewarding career choice. Child and family counselor training can have you ready to fill jobs in this expanding field.

Learn more about becoming a medical secretary -- one of the nation's fastest growing occupations. Includes important education, salary and employment trends.

Working as a school guidance counselor can be both personally and professionally fulfilling. Discover the average school guidance counselor salary for 2013 and expected job growth for this education career.

Industrial-organizational psychologists are among the highest paid and most in-demand psychology specialists today, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Learn more about their salaries, job outlook and how you may be able to break into this rising career with training online.

Could you imagine a world without electricity? You don't have to, thanks to nuclear power reactor operators. Learn more about this sustainable, rewarding career.

Making sure water is available and clean is no simple task, and our relationship with water is getting more complex. That helps explain why the field of hydrology is growing.

It's a growing career that saves people's lives. If you don't mind the blood, then becoming a phlebotomist could be your perfect match.

Writing down what's said and done in court is important. It's also a growing field. Find out more here about how to become a court reporter.

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