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Management information systems play an important role in many industries, and demand for MIS directors is growing. Learn more about MIS director schools and positions.

Database management system specialists are problem-solvers who maintain and improve organizations' information systems. Companies rely on database management system specialist to keep their information safe, and these specialists are in high demand.

Salary and career outlook for postsecondary professors can vary greatly depending on several factors, including teaching specialization. Becoming a computer information systems professor requires specialized training, but working in this profession can be financially and personally rewarding.

The world of technology moves fast, and the computer science professor helps students stay ahead of the curve. Information technology professor schools offer comprehensive training that can lead to a good salary.

Teach in the important and fast growing field of clinical laboratory science. Professors are in demand in disciplines that include health specialties, chemistry and biology. Find out which states and cities pay their professors top dollar.

Industrial/organizational psychology professors teach others about the behavior of people within the workplace and conduct research to learn more about workplace dynamics.

A career in massage therapy offers the opportunity to help others attain health and well-being, maintain a flexible schedule, and earn a good wage. Learn more about the job outlook and salary potential for massage therapists in the United States.

Becoming a chef involves more than just great cooking. Find out what kind of traditional schooling or chef training online you'll need, and what industries, cities, and states hire the most chefs and pay the biggest salaries.

Computer engineers enjoy both solid job prospects and a lucrative salary. Get more information on the top computer engineering salaries and how to earn them.

Learn more about working as a graphic designer, including popular careers, the cities where you can earn the highest salaries, and how online education can help you boost your earning potential in a field you love.

You don't need to spend years at school to work in the health care field. Complete your phlebotomist training online and in no time, you'll be ready to enter a growing industry where the job prospects are plentiful.

Want to work with animals? Consider earning a two-year degree to become a veterinary technician, and become part of a career field that's growing much faster than the average.

Considering engineering? If this field appeals to you, make sure to look into petroleum engineering, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists as one of the highest-paying engineering specialties.

Electrical engineer salaries vary based on training and experience. Learn how electrical engineer training online can help you land a top salary.

Are you interested in an active and rewarding career as a personal trainer? Check out education requirements, job duties, and the average personal trainer salary in 2009.

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