New Higher Education Podcast Available on iTunes

A new podcast from Schools.com brings to the table insightful, intelligent conversation about issues facing higher education, from how educators use media to reach a tech savvy student body to how students, professors and administrators can improve the overall learning experience and quality of the higher education system.

Foster City, CA

Schools.com, the online resource for the career-minded student, has launched the Prep Rally podcast to provide listeners with access to educational and career experts. Each episode focuses on a single interview with an expert speaking on a variety of topics, such as best practices for college admission or the obstacles minority students currently encounter during their journey to a college degree.

“Today’s educational path can be difficult for prospective students to navigate by themselves,” says podcast producer and co-host Eric Lipsky. “With Prep Rally, we’re striving to offer students and listeners thoughtful dialogue around both the college process and the state of higher education in general.”

By providing this discussion on important topics, Prep Rally is a place where students and listeners can find answers to questions about post-secondary education.

“There is more to the story of learning,” Lipsky continues. “The podcasts go beyond the surface, exploring each topic in detail, getting real stories, real information and real solutions from professors and education influencers from across the country.”

Listeners can download the podcast from iTunes or listen to all episodes on the Prep Rally page.

For more details and news about the Prep Rally podcast, please visit Schools.com.

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