Career comparison tool: Compare careers by salary and education

Can’t decide whether to study art or architecture? Wondering whether those extra years in grad school will really pay off? Use the Schools.com career comparison tool to compare what you can earn in popular careers, based on average salary and the amount (in years) of education required. Here’s a hint: airline pilots can make more than $100,000 with only a bachelor’s degree; and veterinarians get the smallest economic pay-off for the most schooling (about $80,000 after 11 years of training).

Using the tool is simple. By dragging the salary and/or years of schooling indicators across the sliders, you can filter results on the graph. Or, you can manually select jobs for viewing. Hover your mouse over any colored dot that appears in the graph to see which career it indicates. Click on any colored dot that appears in the chart to see more details about that profession, such as the projected job growth in that field. For more help, click the blue Legend/Help button to see an explanation of each element of the tool.

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