Degree value in dollars: It pays to be unpopular

What's the value of your on-campus or online college degree in dollars? Does your major matter? According to a recent study conducted by Georgetown's Center on Education and the Workforce, yes, your major matters—majorly. The study, which is based on newly-released 2009 Census Bureau data, ties salary data to undergraduate majors across a person's lifetime. And while it's no shock that bachelor's degree-holders earn more than those with only high school diplomas, the report shows that there's a huge income gap between the highest- and lowest-earning majors. Also surprising is the lack of correlation between the highest-earning majors and those majors that are the most popular.

Is your major popular? Or is it a money-maker? Check out the below infographic to find out.


"What's I Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors," Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, http://cew.georgetown.edu/whatsitworth/

Degree value : Degrees by salary
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