The hottest careers: A spotlight on tech

In an Oct. 3, 2012 interview with Bloomberg Television, Bright.com CEO Steve Goodman said that while moms used to tell their kids to be doctors and lawyers, these days they should be telling their kids to be Web developers. He cites an increase in tech-specific job openings along with the fact that tech workers don’t have to live in California in order to work in their field.  While Silicon Valley is still the top location for tech, there are several other bustling tech regions in the U.S. including Silicon Beach in West L.A., the Dulles Technology Corridor in Virginia, the Central Florida High Tech Corridor, and Silicon Alley in New York, according to Goodman. He attributes this geographical dispersion of tech regions to several factors, including a lower cost for labor outside Silicon Valley and the fact that universities in areas such as Central Florida are putting more computer science-related disciplines into their curriculum. These areas also recognize that tech jobs are one effective way to jump-start the economy, according to Goodman. 

Learn more about which tech jobs are projected for faster than average growth from 2010 to 2020 and the education paths that may lead to some of these hot tech careers.

The Hottest Careers: A Spotlight on Tech
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