Today’s Leaders in Educational Technology

Video technology has been used for over forty years to give educational content a little extra punch. Great Britain’s Open University partnered with the BBC back in 1971 to begin televising course lectures over U.K. airwaves. And many former college students likely remember watching at least one Shakespeare film on VHS or DVD during their studies as a reward for getting through the tongue-twisting prose.

But it’s been the meteoric rise of Internet technology that has really let video show what it’s capable of in education. Nowadays, a kindergarten teacher might introduce their class to new vocabulary using a Sesame Street clip on YouTube instead of a whiteboard. And American college students reading Shakespeare might get to Skype with a Shakespearian expert halfway around the world as an extra bonus.

YouTube and Skype are just two of many digital learning platforms harnessing the power of video to help fundamentally change the face of education. In this infographic, we explore some of the more popular digital learning platforms, who is using them, and how their advanced video technology and other online features enhance learning outcomes and teaching strategies.

Today’s Leaders in Educational Technology
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