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Student sleep : Sleep deprivation among college students

While staying up into the wee hours of morning is part and parcel of college student life, this infographic sheds some light on the negative effects of sleep deprivation. Are you getting enough sleep?

American Jobs Act

President Obama proposes to increase jobs and consumer confidence, decrease the unemployment rate and prevent a slide into another recession. How can this be done? Find out in this infographic.

Cheater, cheater: students and plagiarism

Today’s students appear to be cheating in school more than ever. The worst part? They don’t even know it. Learn more in this cool infographic.

Students prefer digital textbooks

Students are willing to go to great lengths in order never to carry a textbook again—including giving up dating for a whole year! To find out why students are so anti-textbook, check out our latest infographic.

Digital devices to replace textbooks

As students become more and more dependent on digital devices, will textbooks become extinct? Find out in this infographic.

Degree decision : How to choose a college major

Is it better to choose a college major based on its level of difficulty, or the amount of money it might someday make you? In this infographic, we visually plot out popular college majors based on both of these factors.

Degree value : Degrees by salary

Which major makes you the most money? Find out the monetary value of your degree in this eye-catching visual.

How to get a career education

Today's students want a career-focused college education. Unfortunately, the current education system is failing to prepare them for career success. Luckily, though, we've come up with several work-arounds. Use this graphic to map out your path to a career-focused college education.

Reading professors like an open facebook

It's a known fact that students are Facebook-obsessed. A new survey shows that teachers might rival their younger counterparts when it comes to social media use. Find out how professors are using social media in this colorful infographic.

Reading students like an open facebook, or how social media is reshaping college admissions

Do admissions officers look at the Facebook profiles of prospective students? And if so, do they make admissions decisions based on these profiles? Find out in this enlightening infographic.

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