24 strange and unique college courses

Looking for the cure for the common college course? Look no further than these unique, odd, screwy, funny classes that you would never think you'd find in a college near you.


1. Philosophy of Sex and Love, William Paterson University: You understand the basics; now, get to the bottom of what your partner is really thinking in this liberal arts course, and finally figure out why breaking up is hard to do.

2. Death and Immortality, Boston University: This religion course explores ancestor worship, alchemy, cremation, AIDS and near-death experiences. Bring a box lunch! Seriously though, if you've ever wondered if life's too short to sit in a classroom, this might not be the course for you.


3. A History of the Pig in America, Xavier University: Dig in to your studies and get the beef on pork with this meaty course. From Indian conflict to American meatpacking, the pig has used its trotter to make a mark on U.S. history -- now, you can learn how the porcine kind shaped a nation.

4. Mad Men and Mad Women, Middlebury College: Are you a Peggy or a Joan? Take a tour of masculinity and femininity in mid-20th century America through the lens of ad-man drama show Mad Men. Post-coursework cocktail hour is optional.


5. Horror Films, Rutgers: Whether you love your zombie flicks or you're obsessed with chainsaw massacres, this film studies course is right up your (dark) alley. Students attend screenings and discuss trends in the art of scary movies.

6. Visual Learning: From the Simpsons to the Guerrilla Girls, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis: This field-trip heavy class has you pondering why Bart Simpson encouraged others to not have a cow.

7. Sonic Art, Alfred University: Artists in training use sound to create visual art in this unique course. Algorithmic synthesis and ambient structures are explored, and students get to work out their sonic dreams in a studio.


8. The Personal and Social Impact of Marital Dissolution, University of Redlands: If there's anything more fun than getting a divorce, it's discussing divorce in the context of business management.

9. Clothing and People, Virginia Tech: Getting dressed is important for business, and the way different cultures get dressed can say a lot about them. This course delves into the social and psychological impact of putting on a pair of pants.

10. An App for That!, Emory University: Emerging technology is at the forefront of business, and this unique course jumps right in, analyzing "snack sized" applications across platforms.


11. Rural Surgery, Columbia University: Load up the pickup truck and head to the country; this health care elective has med students getting their surgical experience far from the sophisticated trappings of city life.

12. Forensic Psychiatry, University of Arizona: Get into the mind of madness with this behavioral science elective. Students get a chance to interview criminal offenders and check "'Silence of the Lambs' reenactment" off their bucket lists.

13. Complementary and Alternative Medicine, University of Hawaii: Analyze the connection between the body and the spirit in this course, which prepares health care providers to open their minds to cultural and ethnic traditions.

Political science

14. Wargaming Theory and Practice, U.S. Naval War College: Operational warfare is the subject of this military college course. Students even get to design their own war. "Required readings are kept to a critical minimum," the text promises.

15. Peace Studies, Columbia College: War games not your thing? This course focuses on the spirituality, social justice, and the purpose of human existence in peacetime.

16. Science Fiction and World Politics, Boston University: Find out how your favorite Sci-Fi books make a good starting point for the consequences of nationalism and wartime politics.


17. English through Music, San Jose State University: Sing along with popular songs and learn English words, phrases and idioms. Plus, learn the phrase "Before I leave / brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack."

18. The Rhetoric of Recipes, Santa Clara University: If making a delicious dinner is an art, writing down the instructions is a science -- in this course, anyway. Students examine "the changing landscape of the all-American meal" by studying how we prepare meals.


19. Deviance, University of Texas: "Be prepared to study," warns the course description for this popular sociology course. No word yet on whether skipping class to smoke cigarettes behind the gym offers extra credit.

20. Negotiation Analysis, UCLA: This course, found in an entertainment management degree program, teaches you how to Jerry Maguire your way into Hollywood agency royalty. Show me the money!


21. Plagues and Pandemics, UC Berkeley: If you're feeling under the weather, you might want to skip the morning lecture of this immunology course, which features a guided tour through history's most diseased years.

22. The Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms, Evergreen State College: If aquatic algae isn't on your mind every day, it should be -- according to this science elective, anyway. Get the scoop on the latest in super-toxic marine life.


23. Religious Cults, American Military University: From Heaven's Gate to Jonestown, the cult has long been a fascination of world culture. Students dig deeper into cult formation, leadership, and purpose, and find a method to the madness.


24. Guerrilla Altruism: A Mini-Manual of Subversive Activism, Temple University: Fight the power in this subversive class. From Guevara to Banksy, this unique architecture elective is "a multi-disciplinary investigation into the unorthodox strategies deployed by contemporary guerrilla artists and activists."

It's easy to find coursework that keeps you entertained as you get an instruction, and unique classes can be found across disciplines. Explore the schools above and find your own unique college experience.