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10 Unusual (And Awesome!) College Amenities

Looking for a school, or something about a school, that's a little out of the ordinary? Academic opportunities aren't the only thing that college students love about their schools. Here are 10 quirky, silly and downright fun college amenities available at campuses across the country.

Financial Aid for Veterans

Serving your country could be a ticket to a free education. To thank current and former military personnel, the federal and state governments, private organizations and colleges across the U.S. offer substantial financial aid packages.

Tax breaks for students

Students can benefit from a variety of tax breaks, as long as they know about those breaks and what pitfalls to avoid.

7 Careers for Sports fans

Want to get paid to go to major sporting events like the Super Bowl ... without being a pro athlete? It's not as far-fetched an idea as it sounds. Here's some detail on the training and education you need to make it happen.

Federal Student Aid

Understanding the process and requirements used for determining federal student aid can help you get more out of the system.

Class Sizes

Looking at class size should be a factor when determining what classes to take next semester. From more individual time with your professor to performing better academically, smaller class sizes have their benefits.

Student Loan Application

If you're heading off to school, odds are you're doing it with financial assistance. Knowing how to comparison shop student loans can be a helpful tool for students looking to secure the funding that fits them best.

Financial Aid for Private Scholarships

Many private schools require the College Board's CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE in addition to the FAFSA, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Here's a guide to filling out this important financial aid supplement.

10 incredibly beautiful college campuses

If you're interested in studying on a scenic college campus, check out this list of 10 beautiful universities in the U.S. From Gothic architecture to sweeping forests, historical buildings to ocean-views, each of these college campuses offer students more than just classroom learning opportunities.

10 high-altitude schools

These 10 high-elevation colleges help put the "high" in higher education.

Starting your degree at community or junior college and finishing at university is a time-tested alternative route to a bachelor's degree, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you earn and transfer those lower-division credits. Read on for some guidelines to help you through the process.

Will my credits transfer out of state?

Before you plan a move out of the state to finish your college education, it makes sense to figure out whether your credits will transfer. Our experts offer tips and advice for anyone in this predicament.

Tips for a productive summer

We talked to some college prep experts and other education pros and got their top summer tips for incoming freshmen -- here's what they had to say.

Schools.com's 25 best small college towns

Here's our roundup of the 25 best small college towns in America.

5 Ways To Win At Your College Job Fair

A career day cattle call may not seem like the easiest place in the world to stand out, but with the right strategy you can come out of it looking like a pro. Try these 5 tips to get the most out of your next job fair.

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