Complete List of Programs

Whether you're coming straight out of high school or thinking about continuing your education after spending some time in the workforce, it can be hard to adjust to the college experience if you don't know quite what to expect from the degree plan you're pursuing. Not all degree plans are created equal, after all — did you know that Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree plans have different general education core requirements? — and an understanding of your options and their expected trajectories can help you chart your course through school with less stress.

Maybe you're signed up and ready to get rolling on your degree and maybe you're still trying to decide on the right major for you — either way, the articles in this section can give you a basic yet comprehensive picture of the ways in which typical study plans unfold and allow you to plan effectively for your time in college and beyond.

If you've ever thought about going back to school to learn new skills, pursue your artistic passions or get that business degree you've always wanted, take a look through these listings and find out about the challenges, opportunities and potential outcomes of earning the degree you want.

For Spanish-language speakers, be sure to explore some of these program descriptions en español. Para los estudiantes que hablan español, asegúrese de explorar algunos de estos programas en español. Aprende sobre diferentes programas y escuelas en línea.