Online International Relations Degree Programs

A college degree in international relations can be useful in both the private and public sector. International relations is the study of foreign affairs, global issues, role of the state, and multi-national corporations. Typical courses include macro and microeconomics, history, law, and philosophy. You can gain an understanding of world affairs, culture, international politics, and inter-relations between states.

International Relations Career opportunities include diplomat, foreign affairs analyst, journalist, international management consultant, or working in government affairs establishing public policy. Corporations hire individuals with degrees in international relations to advise on best approaches for entering new markets. Besides having the opportunity to enter a prestigious career, the income level can be attractive. According to the 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for individuals working in international development is listed below:

If you are already working, but want to expand your career opportunities and knowledge, an online college may be a good way to expand your career training.

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