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Anthropology is the study of the origin, development, and behavior of humans. Anthropologists often specialize in the study of people--culture, way of life, and language. This science investigates and reveals facts about past cultures by examining evidence from excavation sites.

Earning your college degree in anthropology can qualify you for various careers, such as:

  • Museum Curator. Researches, preserves, and manages displays in museums
  • Crime Lab Investigator. Performs forensic investigations of crime scene remains
  • Business Anthropologist. Manages business or corporate employee relations, human resource departments, or cultural trainers for international business markets
  • Social Services. Provides care, assistance, and consultation for individuals through local resources and programs

Online degrees in anthropology (bachelor's, master's, PhDs) provide essential career training, while also allowing students to customize their class schedules to fit their specific needs. According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, anthropologists earned mean annual wages of $57,300 in 2008.

Employment (2016)
Average Salary
Expected Job Growth
Anthropology and Archeology Teachers, Postsecondary5,700$81,3509.3%
Librarians, Curators, and Archivists250,660$46,6103.6%
Source: 2016 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2014-24 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS.gov.
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