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Based on data for job growth, salary, education and personality traits, we crunched the numbers and created 20 terrific options for changing careers.

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According to the U.S. Department of Education, a record 19.7 million students were scheduled to attend American colleges and universities in the fall of 2011. To meet the growing demands of students pursuing post-secondary education, the more than 6,600 colleges and universities in the United States continue to evolve to offer students options — lots of options. Schools.com aims to not only help students focus their search for accredited universities and online schools, but to help them be savvy consumers who will start school, or go back to school, ready to learn.

In 2015, Schools.com launched its College Profiles, a great resource for prospective students interested in learning more about specific colleges and universities. By analyzing important facets such as admissions, student-body demographics, program offerings, and culture, students get a comprehensive review of their schools of interest. We’ve done the research, you make the decision.  

Schools.com helps you explore options for both global and localized online education. You can search our directory of schools by a field of interest, such as Accounting or Computer Science, or by geo-targeting your online school search to find institutions that serve students from your state or province throughout the U.S. or Canada.

No matter if you want to pursue higher education for the first time, work towards completing a bachelor's degree you started years ago, or if you are interested in earning a master's or another advanced degree online while you work, we're committed to guiding you through a number of modern options and helping you explore educational programs that might be right for you. By connecting you with tools, information, people and schools that might fit with your educational plans, we aim to be a valuable resource for you as you start achieving your goals. Schools.com, your future starts here.

Education Insights

Education Insights

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