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10 incredibly beautiful college campuses

10 incredibly beautiful college campuses

Holly Johnson |

If you're interested in studying on a scenic college campus, check out this list of 10 beautiful universities in the U.S. From Gothic architecture to sweeping forests, historical buildings to ocean-views, each of these college campuses offer students more than just classroom learning opportunities.

Top 10 Colleges for Elevation

Aim high: 10 high-altitude schools

Aimee Hosler |

These 10 high-elevation colleges help put the "high" in higher education.

Best Community Colleges in Arizona

Best community colleges in Arizona

Justin Boyle |

The Grand Canyon State has a lot of great options for community college students, but how do you tell which ones are the best? We gathered a bunch of data, ran the numbers and figured out once and for all which schools were the top community colleges in Arizona.

Tips on successfully transferring from community college

7 Dos And Don'ts For Community College Transfer Students

Justin Boyle |

Starting your degree at community or junior college and finishing at university is a time-tested alternative route to a bachelor's degree, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you earn and transfer those lower-division credits. Read on for some guidelines to help you through the process.

Will my credits transfer out of state?

Will My Credits Transfer Out Of State? Experts Weigh In

Holly Johnson |

Before you plan a move out of the state to finish your college education, it makes sense to figure out whether your credits will transfer. Our experts offer tips and advice for anyone in this predicament.

Best community colleges in Virginia

Best Community Colleges In Virginia

Justin Boyle |

Starting your education at one of the top community colleges in Virginia can teach you valuable job skills and help you get a headstart on the degree you've always wanted. We gathered the data, did the math and uncovered the best community colleges in Virginia -- read on to find out which ones made the grade.

Tips for a productive summer

6 Expert Tips For A Productive Summer Before College

Justin Boyle |

We talked to some college prep experts and other education pros and got their top summer tips for incoming freshmen -- here's what they had to say.

Best community colleges in IL

Best Community Colleges In Illinois

Justin Boyle |

Illinois is home to a robust community college system that contains the very first two-year regional institution the U.S., and the data on many of its schools are pretty impressive. Read on to find out about the best community colleges in Illinois and how we ranked them.

Schools.com's 25 best small college towns

The 25 Best Small College Towns

Johanna Sorrentino |

Here's our roundup of the 25 best small college towns in America.

Students after a college fair

5 Ways To Win At Your College Job Fair (And How To Seal The Deal)

Justin Boyle |

A career day cattle call may not seem like the easiest place in the world to stand out, but with the right strategy you can come out of it looking like a pro. Try these 5 tips to get the most out of your next job fair.

A student pleads during his appeal to get into the school he wanted.

Rejected From College? 4 Strategies To Rebound

Justin Boyle |

Getting a college rejection letter can feel like the end of the world, but it's actually not as big a deal as it might seem. Here are four action-oriented ways you can turn that minor setback into an opportunity.

Thinking these plans are only for parents saving for their younger children.

Tax Breaks (And Pitfalls To Avoid) For Students In 2016

Maryalene LaPonsie |

College is expensive. Let Uncle Sam take a bite out of your costs with these five tax breaks ... and we'll fill you in on the mistakes not to make.

A woman gives a kick to a football while on the job.

7 Majors That Lead To Awesome Jobs For Sports Fans

Justin Boyle |

Want to get paid to go to major sporting events like the Super Bowl ... without being a pro athlete? It's not as far-fetched an idea as it sounds. Here's some detail on the training and education you need to make it happen.

Map of Georgia

Best Community Colleges In Georgia

Justin Boyle |

Georgia's two community college systems each offer some valuable options for degrees and career training, but how can you tell which ones are the best? We gathered some statistics and ran them through our system of metrics to find out which community colleges are the top 10 traditional and online schools in Georgia.

Baby boomer generation working online

Baby Boomers And Online Education: Why Are They Choosing The Web?

Maryalene LaPonsie |

Think it's only the younger generation who is embracing online learning? Think again. Boomers are all about getting their degree over the internet.

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