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help with student debt

8 pitfalls to avoid when paying back student loans

These eight student loan repayment mistakes are all too common among borrowers, but the good news is they're all avoidable. Set yourself up for success by watching out for these pitfalls.

gavel and law books

Legal apprenticeships: Practice law without law school

Want to be a lawyer without going all the way through law school? The legal apprenticeship route requires serious self-discipline but can also save serious cash.

group of new graduates

Want to graduate faster? Consider an accelerated bachelor's degree

With college costs skyrocketing, academics debate whether graduating in three years is a solution. Find out how these accelerated degree programs work and if they might be right for you.

pencil erasing debt

How I beat student debt (and you can, too)

Student loan news is largely doom and gloom, but many borrowers have come up with solutions for paying off student debt quickly. Here's how three people, each of whom tackled at least $80,000 in student loans, beat their debt and never looked back.

woman on laptop at beach

Seeking career skills online? Here's what you need to know about MOOCs

If you dream of delving into new classes, you can, regardless of your academic or financial background. Find out about massive open online courses and the opportunities they might afford you.

financial aid sign

3 tips to score more financial aid

Beware of the front-loaded financial aid package. Some schools offer freshmen substantial "merit aid," then sneakily reduce those scholarships and grants in subsequent years. Check out these 3 strategies that can help you get more financial aid later in college.

Math test with an A-plus grade

When it comes to your career, are grades important?

Evidence suggests that career-minded students are better off focusing on a well-rounded skill set in order to impress potential employers.

job interview

How to market an online degree

Despite online degrees being totally legitimate, some employers still look at them with a skeptical eye. Here's how to alleviate their concerns.

money and graduation hat

Inside the $10,000 degree: How some schools are making college more affordable

College can be prohibitively expensive, but some institutions are seeking a way to boost their affordability and accessibility: a college degree for $10,000.

job fair sign

5 things to do in your last year of college that can help you land a job

You're less than a year away from joining the workforce for decades. It's understandable that you want to relax. But it's not wise if you want to land a great job out of college. Here's what you should do instead.

Welcome to Tennessee sign

Free community college could be just around the corner

Free community college tuition could be coming soon. As college costs rise and the need for educated workers goes unmet, some areas are turning to this solution to bridge the gap.

new grad in front of chalkboard

How much does your major matter? Not as much as you think

New grads without a career-track degree don't have to lack for opportunities. Education and industry experts weigh in on finding a career after graduating from a program with no direct professional path.

scared young man at work

Don't be scared to market your new liberal arts degree

Some liberal arts graduates don't take pride in their degree and thus market other achievements instead. But in reality, a liberal arts degree is impressive, if you know how to market it.

inquisitive squirrel on log

4 awesome campus clubs you've never heard of

Whether you're looking to make friends, hone your practical skills or stay in shape while you're in college, there's a weird and wacky student organization just waiting for you. Check out these 4 fabulous choices.

young woman video chatting on computer

What online students miss out on — and how to get it

At first glance, online students seem to miss out on a lot: libraries, clubs, real-time interaction, etc. But this doesn't have to be the case now-a-days. You can fill the void with a little proactivity.

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