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college class

3 ways to turn old college credits into new degrees

States and schools are wooing dropouts back to the classroom. Find out how former students are turning their old college credits into the degrees they dreamed of.

community colleges in florida

Best community colleges in Florida

Florida is home to dozens of junior, technical and community colleges designed to help students get ahead academically and in their careers, but how do you know which ones are the best? We've analyzed some vital data on the top Florida community colleges and figured out the ten most accessible, affordable schools with a commitment to student success.

choose the right major

5 tips to choosing the right college major for the career you want

Struggling with how to choose a college major? Experts say these five steps can put you on the right path.

fall semester 2015

15 actions to take this fall for a successful school year

Whether you're heading to campus for the first time or the fourth time, here are some things you should be doing this fall.

east coast vs west coast careers and schools

East Coast vs. West Coast: Are you on the wrong coast for your career goals?

The East Coast and the West Coast differ from one another in a lot of ways, not least of all in terms of opportunity for success in particular careers. We took a look at some key metrics of employment and education in tech, finance, business and entertainment on both coasts, and the results of where strengths of each are may surprise you.

california community colleges

NorCal vs. SoCal community colleges: Who makes the grade?

California is one of the most affordable states in the U.S. for community college students, but who wins in the all-important contest of NorCal vs. SoCal? We crunched the numbers on the best community colleges in Northern and Southern California, and the results may surprise you.

best new york community college

Best community colleges in New York

The junior colleges, city colleges and community colleges in New York serve thousands of students every year, but which ones are the best in the state? We crunched some numbers to find out which ones among the traditional and online colleges in New York took top marks for accessibility, opportunity and value.

religious studies degree

What's it like to get a religious studies degree?

With such a wide variety of religious studies degrees available, it can be hard to know your options if considering a career path in the field. Learn what a religious studies educational path is like from a professor at UC Santa Barbara.

summer school perks

5 perks that prove summer school in college isn't a waste of time

Summers are a time for beaches, vacations and friends. No one doubts that. But if you toss in a class or two to those fun summer days, the benefits can be huge.

mba what to expect

What can you expect while getting your MBA?

We interviewed faculty from renowned business schools to give you insight into what you can expect when you first start an MBA program.

how to choose a business program

How to choose a business program that's right for you

Here are five easy steps to help you choose a business major and school for your career goals.

texas community college

Best community colleges in Texas

Texas is home to more than 60 distinct community colleges, but some fare better than others when it comes to providing support, accessibility, and student success. Here are the 10 best community colleges in Texas.

 best business careers

Top 10 careers in business

Interested in a business career but not sure which way to go? Check out this list of the top 10 business careers in the U.S., based on our rankings, which include earning potential, job growth and more.

game designer

Game designer interview: What do game designers do?

We've interviewed an actual game designer to share insight into how rewarding a career as a video game designer can be.

community college california

Top 25 community colleges in California

California's two-year schools can be every bit as challenging (and valuable) as big-name four-year colleges, and these 25 community colleges ranked using data primarily from IPEDS prove it. 


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