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army soldier wearing mortarboard

4 ways veterans can pay for college

Serving your country could be a ticket to a free education. To thank current and former military personnel, the federal and state governments, private organizations and colleges across the U.S. offer substantial financial aid packages.

e-learning computer with diploma

3 ways to choose a hybrid degree program

Hybrid degree programs -- which blend online and on-campus courses -- can be the perfect compromise for busy people who still long for the college experience. But not all are created equal.

marketing steps

Career Toolbox: Marketing

Wondering what's the next step to take in a marketing career? Check out the first article in our toolbox series for ideas on what to do.

Man studying

9 companies that offer fabulous educational benefits

If you're going back to school, you could spend your days buried in scholarship applications — or simply pass the tuition bill to your boss. These 9 companies offer great educational benefits to their employees.

New Jersey sign

10 community colleges in New Jersey

New Jersey already boasts a higher-than-average share of college grads -- and these 10 community colleges can help keep it that way.

Graduation hat with price tag

How much college can you afford?

You've been accepted to your dream school, but can you afford that institution? Here's a crash course that can help you figure out just how much college debt you can handle.

Let's make a deal: How to compare student loans

If you're heading off to school, odds are you're doing it with financial assistance. Knowing how to comparison shop student loans can be a helpful tool for students looking to secure the funding that fits them best.

Winter scene

If only Daenerys had an MBA: Degrees for Game of Thrones characters

Many of the characters on "Game of Thrones" could benefit from a higher education. We offer a little academic counseling to seven of them, with tips on which degrees will best set them up for success.

Tax road sign

5 sweet tax breaks for students

Tax season can be a huge source of stress. Find out about five tax credits, deductions and incentives that might help students and their families save on their taxes this April.

Will massive open online courses be the downfall of higher ed?

Massive open online courses are becoming a mainstay in higher education. But does their proliferation help or hurt students?

Piggy bank

Can tuition exchange discounts slash out-of-state costs?

Tuition exchange discounts can potentially save students thousands of dollars in out-of-state college fess. Learn more about these programs.

State of Virginia welcome sign

10 Community Colleges in Virginia

Virginia community colleges all offer an affordable start to a four-year degree, job-ready skills or lifelong personal enrichment, but that does not mean they are one-size-fits-all. These ten schools prove just how diverse they can be.

Three ways to avoid college undermatching

Three ways to avoid undermatching when applying for college

While some reasons for enrolling in lower-quality colleges than you can get into are legitimate, some aren't. Here's how to not undermatch if your reasons are the latter.

New degree: Digital curation

New degree: Digital curation

Information and media aren't only found in print or physical format anymore. Libraries realize this, and have started collecting items digitally, creating the need for digital curation degree programs.

Three ways to handle coffee-fetching internships

Three ways to handle coffee-fetching internships

It's a frustrating situation to be in: An internship where you're treated like an assistant and not a soon-to-be professional. But there are things you can do to improve the situation.

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