Online and On-Campus Colleges

Looking to fast-track your career or grow your salary potential? Then you might want to consider earning a degree. With everything from a certificate program to a bachelor’s to a master’s and beyond available to pursue in thousands of schools across the country as well as online, it’s not so much a question of where you can find a program as it is which program is right for you.

The first thing you may want to think about is whether you’d rather take campus-based or online classes. There are benefits to both, and finding the right fit for you is a matter of understanding the major differences between the two options. Take a look below at some of the reasons students choose one option over the other. If you still can’t decide, then you may want to look into schools that offer a mix of both!

benefits of online education

You get face-to-face time with your professors, office hours, and a whole classroom of other students to help you learn the material.


The top schools for your program may be all the way across the country from you. Online learning lets you take the best classes no matter where you are.


If you have a job or family, you may want to earn your degree at a slower pace so you can still pursue your own goals. Online learning may help accommodate you.


Online education may be significantly cheaper, especially you won't be required to pay from room and board or a meal plan on campus.


Got a wide range of topics you'd like to pursue? You might have more luck finding online programs that offers both nursing and paleontology that on-campus ones.


If you leave somewhere with a lot of traffic, if you're shy, or if you just like being in your own home, then commuting to the living room instead of a campus, may work better for you.

benefits of on-campus education

You get face-to-face time with your professors, office hours, and a whole classroom of other students to help you learn the material.


Many campus hot job fairs and alumni events that can help you build your professional network and make essential industry contracts.


From libraries to stadiums to gyms, campuses have all the facilities you need to pursue not just a great education but a well-rounded life.


If you are pursuing a subject that requires, say, lab hours, then being on a campus where you have everything at your fingertips and a professor there to help may work better.


Find you don't do well with open-ended timelines? Then you may get more done with a set class time and hard deadlines.


Guest lectures, artists, authors and other public speakers may regular campus appearances to interact with students and answer questions.