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The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reports that since 2008, Vermont state legislature has made cuts to the state's higher education operating funding and financial aid. Looking at Vermont online schools broadens your options to include schools across the state, which you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

Institution type No. offering bachelor's degrees No. offering associate's degrees No. offering certificates and other non-degree awards No. offering advanced degrees (master's, Ph.D., etc.)
Private for-profit113 -
Private nonprofit1451014

City Total estimated population
(U.S. Census, 2015)
No. of enrolled students
(NCES, 2016)
No. of students as a percentage of total population % of residents with bachelor's degrees
(U.S. Census, 2015)
Burlington42,57012,59529.59 percent 50.5 percent
Colchester17,2932,97417.20 percent 40 percent
Middlebury6,8852,75540.01 percent 46 percent
South Burlington18,5361,1916.43 percent 53.9 percent
Essex20,4199904.85 percent 48.9 percent
Rutland16,0919185.71 percent 28.5 percent
Winooski7,22388112.20 percent 34.6 percent

Why Choose Online Education in Vermont?

Explore online schools in Vermont and learn more about the wide range of diploma, certificate, and degree programs that await you. Whether you have work responsibilities that keep you on the road or you have family or other commitments, online education offers extra flexibility. With an online degree, you make yourself more marketable to hiring managers in Vermont, across the country, and around the world.

Institution type No. offering 4-year degrees No. offering 2-year degrees No. offering certificates and other non-degree awards No. offering advanced degrees (master's, Ph.D., etc.)
Public1 - 11
Private nonprofit2 - 12

Types of Degrees You Can Earn from Online Schools in Vermont

At all levels of education, online schools in Vermont offer you options. Far from a one-size-fits-all education, you can customize your degree to match your needs. Choose from the following educational programs:

  • High school diploma
  • Certification programs
  • Associate's degree
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Master's degree
  • Doctoral degree

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 87 percent of adults 25 and older had a high school diploma or more in 2009. Join the ranks of the educated workforce with a degree you earn online. If you're looking for even more flexibility, hybrid degree programs allow you to mix and match online education and campus-based training.

Benefits of Attending Vermont Online Schools

Going to school online means enjoying the freedom to set your own schedule, travel when you need to, and log on from anywhere in the world to complete your coursework. Complete your training at an accredited online school and enjoy the confidence that your degree is held to the same standards as others across the country.

Many students find online education more accessible than campus-based programs. A 2009 analysis of studies by the U.S. Department of Education found that on average, students who learned in online education environments performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. With an online degree, you could find yourself absorbing more information than you would in a traditional on-campus program.

Job Opportunities for Degree-Holders in Vermont

Education pays off in Vermont. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that workers over 25 with a high school diploma but no additional education experienced a 9.7 percent unemployment rate in 2009, while workers with an associate's degree saw only 6.8 percent unemployment. Increase your chances of getting hired with an education.

Some of the fastest-growing jobs in Vermont require a formal degree among applicants. Take a look at just a few Vermont careers that had the most openings between 2008 and 2010:

  • Registered Nurses: 240 total annual openings
  • Elementary School Teachers: 118
  • Teacher Assistants: 101
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, And Auditing Clerks: 96

Prepare for one of these rewarding careers with a degree from one of the many online schools in Vermont. With online career training, you have control over where and how you earn your education.