Online Schools in Alabama

The economy has changed business across the country, and campus-based schools in Alabama aren't immune to the changes. Tightened budgets, lowered funding, and tuition increases can make returning to school in Alabama an expensive proposition. In 2009, Alabama schools experienced the following:

  • Tuition increases of 21.8 percent at Alabama State University
  • Loss of $131 million in state funding from Alabama legislature
  • Additional 2 percent reduction in the state's higher education budget

Why Choose Online Education in Alabama?

Whether you live far away from one of the state's 39 public or private campus-based schools, you don't meet minimum degree requirements, or you're simply looking for an alternative to the traditional campus experience, consider online education in Alabama.

Alabama online schools are often not affected by the budget cuts and funding issues happening at the state level. Because many online schools are run on a national level, students benefit from a higher level of competition for their education dollars.

Types of Degrees You Can Earn from Online Schools in Alabama

Competitive tuition is just one benefit of attending one of Alabama's online schools. Your degree options online have expanded to match many of the campus-based offerings you'll find on campus. Whether you're looking to take a few simple courses or earn an advanced degree, you have options with online education. Take a look at a few popular potions for online degrees in Alabama:

  • High school diploma
  • Associate's degree in medical assisting
  • Bachelor's degree in communication
  • MBA degree in marketing

Choose a 100 percent online degree or enroll in a hybrid program that combines online learning and campus-based connections. For some smaller community colleges, a lack of tuition increases means you can still combine a campus education with online learning components without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Attending Alabama Online Schools

Enroll in one of the online schools in Alabama and enjoy the flexibility of an education that's available when you are. Many students in Alabama choose to keep full-time jobs while they're in school, logging on when they have time to study. Unlike the classroom commitments you have to keep with traditional schools, online education allows you to work some flexibility into your schedule. Take a look at more benefits of attending Alabama's online schools:

  • Increased salary potential
  • Make your resume more attractive to employers
  • Attend school on your own time, on your schedule

Always look for accredited online schools in Alabama. The accreditation process helps assure you that your education is held to the same high standards as online and campus-based programs across the country.

Job Opportunities for Degree-Holders in Alabama

According to the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, eight of the top ten high-demand occupations are projected to be in high-tech fields like computer software engineering, network and computer systems administrators, and industrial engineers. Other careers projected to experience high demand in coming years include registered nursing, post-secondary teachers, and dental hygienists. What do these fields have in common? They all require post-secondary training.

Over 381,000 workers in Alabama held government jobs in 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Take a look at a few popular state and local government positions that typically require at least a bachelor's degree among applicants:

  • Financial specialist
  • City manager
  • Information services director
  • Chief librarian
  • Engineer

For government jobs in Alabama with the highest salaries, higher education is typically preferred or required among applicants. It's just another reason why you should consider earning an degree from one of the online schools in Alabama.