Business and the Study of Economics are Closely Intertwined

Online Degrees in Economics
The economy is of enormous concern to everyone, from the everyday "Joe" to political figures and business owners. Economists collect information and analyze data to determine trends in inflation and interest rates, as well as other types of economic data. Some work with government analysts to analyze the labor market to improve the understanding of current economical events and trends. Federal, state, and local governments find this information essential to the development of public policy relevant to current trends. Various organizations use economists to help determine market trends so they can make insightful decisions when developing strategic plans.

Career opportunities are available in both the private and public sector. These careers include: international economy editors, who write about the global economy, or professors, lecturers, writers, or consultants.

Like many people, you may not have a great deal of time to earn a traditional college degree. Career training is available through online college degree programs, which offer flexibility for those working a full-time job.

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